Satellite News

Northrop Grumman to launch new satellite-servicing robot

Northrop Grumman in 2024 plans to launch a new servicing vehicle equipped with a robotic arm that will install propulsion jet packs o

Exploration News

SpaceX sees growing demand for private Crew Dragon missions

With the all-civilian Inspiration4 crew mission back on Earth, SpaceX’s director of human spaceflight programs says the company is seeing increased interest in more private astronauts flights to orbit, and may expand its fleet of reusable Dragon spaceships to accommodate the growing demand.

NASA official says Starliner demo mission not likely to launch until next year

The head of NASA’s space operations division said this week an unpiloted test flight of Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule to the International Space Station, delayed from August by valve problems, will likely not launch until next year.

Dynetics Selected to Build NASA’s Sustainable Lunar Lander

Dynetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, has been selected to help NASA enable a steady pace of crewed trips to the Moon’s surface as part of the Artemis program’s Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP-2) Appendix N. As one of five companies selected for a firm fixed-price, milestone-based contract, Dynetics will receive an initial award of $40.8 million over the next 15 months to make advancements toward sustainable human landing system (HLS) concepts.

Launcher News

Orbit Fab to launch propellant tanker to fuel satellites in geostationary orbit

Orbit Fab, a startup offering a refueling service in space, will launch a propellant tanker to geostationary orbit on a SpaceX Falcon 9 lunar lander mission projected for late 2022 or early 2023.

Starliner test flight likely to slip to 2022

A test flight of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner commercial crew vehicle, delayed by a valve problem in August, is unlikely to take place before some time next year, NASA official said Sept. 21.

NewSpace  News

DLR is developing a Launch Coordination Center

The increasing commercialisation of space travel – often referred to as ‘New Space’ – will lead to significantly more spacecraft launches. More than 15,000 new satellites are expected to be launched

Exolaunch to facilitate launch of Lunasonde’s Gossamer Satellite Constellation

Lunasonde will be able to locate groundwater, mineral deposits, and other geological resources and collects this data remotely via its Gossamer satellites. This idea was developed by Jeremiah Pate, CEO of Lunasonde, back in 2016 when he was still at high school, and gained support from Seraphim Capital and Techstars.

The Future Could Bring Pinpoint Deliveries From Orbit

Fri, 24 Sep 2021 17:58:01 +0000

SpaceWorks, an Atlanta-based commercial space company, is working on reentry capsules that will allow for orbital delivery services. The post The Future Could Bring Pinpoint Deliveries From Orbit appeared first on Universe Today.

Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport announces Launch Partner

Prestwick Spaceport has secured a launch partner for its spaceport development in a landmark deal that will boost Scotland’s space industry ambitions and create an important strategic asset for the UK.

Smallsat specialist OrbAstro busy building downstream dreams

OrbAstro, a space-as-a-service startup with visions of flying “tiny satellites in large flocks,” is gearing up to launch its first half-dozen smallsats in 2022 — including its just-announced first micro satellite.

Exo-Space pivots to meet demand for on-orbit processing

Exo-Space, a Los Angeles startup formed in 2020 to offer inexpensive easy-to-assemble cubesats, has pivoted in response to growing demand for on-orbit data processing.

Space Safety News

NASA adviser blasts lack of congressional action on space traffic dangers

The chair of NASA’s independent safety panel blasted Congress on Thursday for not designating a federal agency to spearhead space traffic management. Chairwoman Patricia Sanders, a former Department of Defense senior executive, said NASA’s Safety and Advisory Panel has called on Congress to increase oversight of growing space traffic for years, but to no avail.

NASA urged to avoid space station gap

NASA needs to ensure that commercial space stations are ready before the International Space Station is retired to avoid a “space station gap” with geopolitical consequences, industry officials and other advisers warn.

FAA releases draft environmental report on SpaceX Starship orbital launches

by Jeff Foust — September 20, 2021

A draft environmental assessment released by the Federal Aviation Administration suggests that SpaceX will be able to proceed with orbital Starship launches from Texas, but with a number of mitigations required.

UN secretary-general criticizes “billionaires joyriding to space”

The secretary-general of the United Nations lumped space tourism alongside corruption and loss of freedoms as part of a “malady of mistrust” facing the world, another sign of the backlash in some quarters to private human spaceflight.

Science & Technology News

NASA’s InSight Experiences its Most Powerful Marsquake so far

NASA’s InSight lander has detected one of the most powerful and longest-lasting quakes on the Red Planet since the start of its mission. The big marsquake happened on Sept. 18 on Earth, which happened to coincide with InSight’s 1,000th Martian day, or sol since it landed on Mars. The temblor is estimated to be about … Continue reading “NASA’s InSight Experiences its Most Powerful Marsquake so far: Magnitude 4.2, Lasting 90 Minutes” The post NASA’s InSight Experiences its Most Powerful Marsquake so far: Magnitude 4.2, Lasting 90 Minutes appeared first on Universe Today.

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