2024-05-15 Completion of CNES Contract F-TPS : Aerothermal Protection for Nanosats

eNOVA is pleased to announce that the company and its partners

  • IFTH : (Institut Français du Textile et de l’Habillement) for material & process characterisation & Tests
  • RTech : (CFD analyst on hypersonic reentry)
  • CNRS-Icare : (Plasma Wind Tunnel Test facility)

has successfully completed the development of its F-TPS (Flexible Thermal Protection System)

It was a unique opportunity to achieve :

A complete survey of international providers of ceramic textile references

A complete survey of potential European partners able to those ceramic process

A unique opportunity  of in-house production capability

via sewing machine procurement and technological validation

This allow to produce in-house 3 scenarios of F-TPS cloths :

  • Low-cost versions of oxide ceramics for NEWSPACE Market
  • High-Legacy versions of oxide ceramics for LEO Reentry -> 350-400 KW/m²
  • High-Performance version non-oxide ceramics for energetic reentries -> 750-1MW/m²

Thanks again to CNES personnel (reviewers and sponsors) to have make it possible

Find hereattached our final photo-finish “ BFS Squadron”

From Left to Right :

  • Initial conceptual Mock-up for Communications purposes
  • Final F-TPS FLIGHT DEMO on Mechanical Stand (Heat Cleaned & ISO 8)
  • Final F-TPS TECHNO DEMO on Cubesat 12U / 16U Deployer M

Bottom :

  • Final F-TPS KIN DEMO on Mechanical Folding Mock-up

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