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SES completes euro 3 billion acquisition financing syndication

SES S.A. has successfully syndicated a euro 3 billion acquisition financing package to support its earlier agreement to acquire Intelsat S.A.

SpaceX’s launch from California of 20 Starlink satellites including 13 Direct to Cell

China launches Sino-French astrophysics satellite, debris falls over populated area

A Chinese launch of the joint Sino-French SVOM mission to study Gamma-ray bursts early Saturday saw toxic rocket debris fall over a populated area.

French-Chinese probe to hunt universe’s biggest explosions

A French-Chinese  telescope satellite will blast off this weekend on a mission to hunt down gamma-ray bursts, the most powerful explosions in the universe. 

Rocket Lab launches first Kinéis satellites on 50th Electron

Launcher News

Ariane 6 completes wet dress rehearsal

Exploration News

Boeing Starliner return to Earth set for June 26

NASA and Boeing are targeting a June 26 return to Earth of the Boeing Starliner from the International Space Station

Starliner return delayed to July

NewSpace  News

Simera Sense opening an optical payload development hub in Toulouse France

Screenshot Simera Sense is strengthening the firm’s global presence by opening an office in Toulouse, France.

Ubotica achieves breakthrough in Live Earth Intelligence with CogniSAT-6

Ubotica has announced a significant milestone in the CogniSAT-6 mission, that being the successful processing and instant AI-powered detection of the first raw image from the newly launched satellite.  For the first time, an EO satellite, powered by SPACE:AI, understands what is being observed. Within 90 seconds, SPACE:AI detected every vessel within a 20 x 40-kilometer zone. This achievement demonstrates the model’s exceptional accuracy, even without prior training on CogniSAT-6 data.

Kepler Communications has validated the firm’s OISLs between two data relay satellites in LEO 

Kepler Communications recently successfully validated optical inter-satellite links (OISLs) between two data relay satellites in LEO. Kepler is scaling operations to deploy the first Tranche of its next-generation constellation and expects to offer initial optical services in 2025. The hybrid optical data relay network builds on flight heritage from Kepler’s existing constellation of 21 RF satellites.

Redwire to Lead DARPA SabreSat VLEO Mission

Redwire Corporation announced it has secured a contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to act as the prime mission integrator for an air-breathing satellite.

Space Safety News

Hubble Telescope now relying on single-gyro ‘pointing mode’

NASA on Tuesday released a Hubble Space Telescope image captured by using a new pointing mode that uses just one gyroscope. The  telescope resumed operations June 14 after a gyro issue took it offline for several weeks. 

Voyager 1 Resumes Full Science Operations

The spacecraft has resumed gathering information about interstellar space. NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft is conducting normal  science operations for the first time following a technical issue

Science & Technology News

Solar Orbiter Observes Major Solar Activity

The hyperactive sunspot region responsible for the beautiful auroras earlier in May was still alive and kicking when it rotated away from Earth’s view. In the weekend of 10-12 May 2024, the biggest solar storm to hit Earth in over 20 years swept over our planet. This produced an intense geomagnetic storm, creating beautiful auroras which lit up the sky at much lower latitudes than usual.

ESA takes first step to modify georeturn policies

The resolution takes a small step towards changing georeturn rules. “We presented a resolution on increasing the flexibility in implementing georeturn at ESA but also streamlining the process,”

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