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RUAG International transforms into space-focused ‘beyond gravity’

Swiss component maker RUAG International is shedding its military businesses to focus solely on space, transforming into a subsystems provider to be called ‘beyond gravity.’ Under the new plan, RUAG International will completely withdraw from military-related businesses, while optimizing its aerostructure operations for its space assets. The shift marks a significant change for a company that has supplied European space missions with computers, insulation and mechanisms for more than 40 years.

ELSA-d mission licence approved by UK Space Agency

The End-of-Life Services by Astroscale demonstration (ELSA-d) mission has been licenced by the UK Space Agency this week.

ESA Defines Elements of Future European Space Transportation Solutions

Space transportation technologies are intrinsically complex, some needing long development cycles of up to a decade. For this reason, ESA is seeking early insights into long-term trends and potential evolutions in all application domains taking into account the needs of future programmes currently under preparation. For this purpose, ESA has signed, within its New European Space Transportation Solutions (NESTS) initiative, study contracts each worth €500 000, with ArianeGroup, Avio

Contract Signed to Build Arctic Weather Satellite

With the need for satellite data to be received more frequently for faster weather forecasting updates in the Arctic, ESA has signed a contract with OHB Sweden to a build prototype satellite for the Arctic Weather Satellite mission. This prototype is the forerunner of a potential constellation of satellites that would supply an almost constant stream of temperature and humidity data from every location on Earth

China and Russia Will Be Partners in a Lunar Research Station

here are many paths to the Moon, and not all of them go through the Lunar Gateway. This week, the heads of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) and the China National Space Administration (CNSA) signed an agreement to cooperate on a Lunar research station of their own. According to a statement released by the CNSA, … Continue reading “China and Russia Will Be Partners in a Lunar Research Station” The post China and Russia Will Be Partners in a Lunar Research Station appeared first on Universe Today.

Exploration News

Launcher News

SpaceX extends its own rocket reuse record on Starlink launch

A Falcon 9 launched another set of Starlink satellites March 14, with the rocket’s first stage setting a record with its ninth launch and landing.

SLS Green Run Re-Do Planned on March 18

NASA has set next Thursday as the date for the second Green Run test of the Space Launch System core stage. NASA said Wednesday it will perform a static-fire test of the stage at the Stennis Space Center March 18, wrapping up a test campaign that started more than a year ago

China’s Long March 7A rocket successful on second flight

The second flight of China’s new medium-lift Long March 7A rocket successfully placed an experimental satellite into orbit Thursday, following a failed launch of the same configuration last year caused by a problem in a booster liquid oxygen system.

Vega rocket passes readiness review for April return to flight

Avio spokesperson Francesco Delorenzo told SpaceNews that Vega was cleared for the upcoming Vega VV18 mission during a March 3 flight readiness review.

NewSpace  News

Umbra advertises SAR imagery with 15-centimeter resolution

Radar satellite startup Umbra plans to capture imagery with a resolution as high as 15 centimeters per pixel thanks to a Federal Communications Commission license.

Satellogic expanding U.S. footprint with eye on national security market

Earth observation company Satellogic is looking to expand its presence in the United States and compete in the government market.

Startup using Soviet-era technology to build satellite servicing vehicle

Ukrainian startup Kurs Orbital is building an in-orbit servicing vehicle using space docking technology developed decades ago by the former Soviet Union. 

Blue Origin to simulate lunar gravity on suborbital flights for NASA

NASA has signed an agreement with Blue Origin to use that company’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle for flights that will simulate the reduced gravity on the surface of the moon.

Space Safety News

Aging Hubble returns to operations after software glitch

The software error was traced to what an agency statement called an “enhancement” recently uploaded to the spacecraft. That enhancement was intended to compensate for fluctuations from one of the telescope’s gyroscopes, but a glitch in the software caused a broader problem with Hubble’s main computer, triggering the safe mode early March 7 suspending normal operations of the nearly 31-year-old space telescope.

Northrop’s MEV-2 servicer closing in on Intelsat-10-02 docking attempt

MEV-2 has a similar design to MEV-1, but the two missions have distinct differences. While Intelsat-901 was no longer functioning as it languished in a graveyard orbit, Intelsat-10-02 has been active in geosynchronous orbit since 2004 and is carrying communications traffic. MEV-2 is also not moving its satellite to a different orbit like MEV-1 did; instead it will act as a new engine and fuel tank to extend the spacecraft’s life. Demand for GEO life extension missions will grow to 75 satellites by 2030, representing a $3.2 billion cumulative market opportunity. 

Air leak in Russia’s ISS Zvezda module still unresolved

The air leak from the intermediate chamber of the Russian Zvezda module of the International Space Station (ISS) is still unresolved, despite two cracks being sealed off

Industry groups advocate for Office of Space Commerce

Three space industry groups are asking the Commerce Department to commit to continued support and funding for the Office of Space Commerce.

Science & Technology News

Wormholes Could Allow Travel Across the Universe, as Long as Your Spacecraft is Microscopic

An alternative to general relativity predicts wormhole travel is possible, but only if you’re teeny-tiny. The post Wormholes Could Allow Travel Across the Universe, as Long as Your Spacecraft is Microscopic appeared first on Universe Today.

Alcubierre Gives us an Update on his Ideas About Warp Drives

A new look at warp drive fuels hope that it might be possible after all. The post Alcubierre Gives us an Update on his Ideas About Warp Drives appeared first on Universe Today.

Microbes Found That Survive on the by-Products of Radioactive Decay

An oceanic research team recently demonstrated that one of the largest ecosystem on Earth thrives on the radioactive decay of elements The post Microbes Found That Survive on the by-Products of Radioactive Decay appeared first on Universe Today.

Russia deploys giant space telescope in Lake Baikal

Russian scientists on Saturday launched one of the world’s biggest underwater space telescopes to peer deep into the universe from the pristine waters of Lake Baikal.

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