Satellite News

NASA studying issue with JWST instrument

One part of an instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope is out of service temporarily, although project officials are confident it will not be a long-term problem. NASA announced Sept. 20 that it had stopped using one of four observing modes on the Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) on JWST after a mechanism that supports that observing mode “exhibited what appears to be increased friction” during preparations for an observation

SES considering quantum cryptography satellite system

A technology demonstration satellite for which SES will lead the development could be a prototype of a constellation by the satellite operator providing quantum-encrypted communications.

Maxar offering new space-monitoring service to help track objects in orbit

Maxar Technologies has received regulatory approval to use its satellites to monitor the space environment and sell that data commercially.

Launcher News

NASA postpones Artemis 1 launch because of tropical storm

NASA has called off plans to attempt to launch the Artemis 1 mission on Sept. 27 as a tropical storm, with the potential to become a major hurricane, heads for Florida.

SpinLaunch raises $71 million

SpinLaunch, a company developing a launch system that uses a centrifuge as a first stage, raised $71 million to continue work on that system and a line of satellites.

Exploration News

DART asteroid crash: What time will NASA probe hit Dimorphos on Sept. 26?

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART asteroid mission, will slam a spacecraft into the tiny moon of the asteroid Didymos on Monday, Sept. 26, with the impact set at 7:14 p.m. EDT (2314 GMT). If all goes well, the spacecraft will hit the moonlet, called Dimorphos, and snap images until the moment of impact. You’ll be able to see those images live in real time.

After asteroid collision, Europe’s Hera will probe ‘crime scene’

After NASA deliberately smashes a car-sized spacecraft into an asteroid next week, it will be up to the European Space Agency’s Hera mission to investigate the “crime scene” and uncover the secrets of these potentially devastating space rocks

Axiom Space and Turkey sign agreement to send first Turkish astronaut to space

As part of a larger effort by Turkiye to expand its space exploration capabilities and establish a national human space program, a Turkish astronaut will be trained by Axiom Space for a future space research mission.

InSight hears its first meteoroid impacts on Mars

NASA’s InSight lander has detected seismic waves from four space rocks that crashed on Mars in 2020 and 2021. Not only do these represent the first impacts detected by the spacecraft’s seismometer 

China’s Mars rover expected to resume work in December

China’s Mars rover Zhurong, currently in sleep mode, is expected to wake up automatically in December when its energy level hits over 140 watts and the temperature of components like the battery

NewSpace  News

Planet announces new details of hyperspectral offering

In combination with Planet’s existing medium (3-5 meter resolution, Dove) and high-resolution (<1 meter resolution, SkySat and future Pelican) constellations, the hyperspectral data provided by the Tanager satellites aims to complement and enhance Planet’s unprecedented dataset.

NASA and Google team up to better track local air pollution

Harmful air pollution affects people and the environment and according to the World Health Organization, air pollution is responsible for about 7 million deaths worldwide each year.

Outpost signs NASA agreement to return satellites and cargo from space

Outpost Technologies Corporation has signed a Reimbursable Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA Langley Research Center for the use and development of their flight-tested Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator

Open Cosmos unveils OpenConstellation, shared space infrastructure

British small satellite startup Open Cosmos announced plans Sept. 21 for OpenConstellation, shared space infrastructure designed to offer partners access to satellite data.

Space Safety News

Kayhan Space and Precious Payload team to boost access to space traffic management

Users of the Precious Payload marketplace portal can now easily integrate Pathfinder in their overall mission plans and execution to proactively reduce operational risks in increasingly congested orbits.

Science &Technology News

New exoplanet detection program for citizen scientists

The SETI Institute and its partner Unistellar are launching a new exoplanet detection program that will engage citizen scientists worldwide.

Four-legged jumping robots LEAP to explore the Moon

A four-legged robot trained through artificial intelligence has learned the same lesson as the Apollo astronauts – that jumping can be the best way to move around on the surface the Moon

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