Russian space agency suspends ISS cooperation over sanctions

Dmitry Rogozin, the director-general of Russian space agency had appealed to Nelson(NASA) and the heads of the European and Canadian space agencies “demanding the lifting of sanctions” against Russian aerospace companies. There are currently seven astronauts onboard the ISS — three Russian cosmonauts, three NASA astronauts and one German-born ESA astronaut, Matthias Maurer. With Marshburn, the NASA astronauts are Raja Chari and Kayla Barron. The three Russian cosmonauts are Sergey Korsakov, Oleg Artemyev and Denis Matveev. It was not immediately clear how the suspension of cooperation would impact the cosmonauts at the ISS.

Satellite News

German Hyper^pectral imaging satellite gets top billing on next SpaceX rideshare launch

A $330 million German hyperspectral Earth-imaging satellite will hitch a ride to orbit from Cape Canaveral with 39 smaller commercial payloads on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket set for blastoff Friday. The German observation satellite — named the Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program, or EnMAP — is sitting on top of a stack of microsatellites, CubeSats, and even smaller “picosats” . The mission is SpaceX’s fourth dedicated rideshare launch, called Transporter 4, carrying a flotilla of payloads for commercial startups and foreign governments. Other satellites on the Transporter 4 mission include MP42, a new design for a microsatellite platform developed by NanoAvionics in Lithuania. The BRO-7 CubeSat, about the size of a small briefcase, will be launched for the French startup UnseenLabs, which is fielding a constellation of satellites for maritime surveillance.

Omnispace and Thales Alenia Space report launch of first satellite mission

Successful launch of Spark-1, a nanosatellite built in conjunction with NanoAvionics, Syrlinks and ANYWAVES. After demonstrating our capacity to provide COTS antennas, we are very proud to show our capability regarding payload ones. Supporting major space projects, such as Omnispace Spark, alongside with Thales Alenia Space, is also a another source of great pride for ANYWAVES,” said Nicolas CAPET, ANYWAVES CEO. Spark-1 was delivered into orbit aboard a SpaceX Transporter. Exolaunch provided launch, mission management, integration and deployment services.

Launcher News

NASA begins critical final test on mega Moon rocket

Known as the “wet dress rehearsal,” it is the final major test before the Artemis-1 mission this summer: an uncrewed lunar flight that will eventually be followed by boots on the ground, likely no sooner than 2026.Data from the test, which ends Sunday mid-afternoon, will be used to finalize a launch date for Artemis 1. NASA had said May could be the first window, but later now seems likely.

Exploration News

Blue Origin launches 4th crew to space

Flying as part of the “Roaring 20s crew,” a nod to this being Blue Origin’s 20th flight of the New Shepard system, is Gary Lai, one of Blue’s own employees.Lai was joined by Marty Allen, married couple Sharon Hagle and Marc Hagle, Jim Kitchen and George Nield.

Private mission ready for launch to the ISS

The first private mission to the International Space Station by an American vehicle is scheduled to launch this week to serve as a first step in one company’s plans to establish a commercial space station. The four private astronauts of Axiom Space’s Ax-1 mission, (from left) Mark Pathy, Larry Connor, Michael López-Alegría and Eytan Stibbe, are scheduled to launch April 6 on a Crew Dragon to the space station.

NewSpace  News

D-Orbit Launches its Fifth ION Satellite Carrier Mission

Fino Mornasco, Italy (SPX) Apr 01, 2022
D-Orbit, the space logistics and orbital transportation company, has launched Spacelust, the fifth mission of the Company’s proprietary ION Satellite Carrier (ION), aboard SpaceX’s Transporter-4 mission

Terran Orbital begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange

Terran Orbital Corporation a leading small satellite manufacturer primarily serving the United States aerospace and defense industry, announced that its common stock and warrants will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange, March 28, 2022,

Commercial BlackSky imaging satellites ride with Rocket Lab

Two microsatellites for BlackSky launched Saturday from New Zealand, riding a Rocket Lab launch vehicle into orbit to join a fleet of commercial eyes supplying imagery to military and civilian users.

New Series A Funding For Pixxel For Production Of Hyperspectral Smallsat Constellation

Pixxel (India) has announced a $25 million Series A led by Radical Ventures, a Toronto-based firm known for investing in entrepreneurs that use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform massive industries. Pixxel also successfully retrieved its first hyperspectral satellite images from a camera that was launched last year with partners NanoAvionics and Dragonfly Aerospace

A New LEO Constellation Is Introduced By Rivada Space Networks

Rivada Space Networks GmbH, a disruptive new company that is planning to launch a constellation of 600 LEO communications satellites, has been established by U.S. wireless communications company, Rivada Networks. Recognizing that the business world is increasingly data-driven, cloud-based and cybersecurity conscious, and that existing systems do not and cannot meet these needs.

Synspective raises $100 million Series B round

Japanese startup Synspective announced March 29 it raised $100 million to continue its development of a constellation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites.

Space Safety News

SES partners with NorthStar to tackle space sustainability challenges

Together with NorthStar, the teams will be working to launch, develop and evolve NorthStar’s SSA products tailored to benefit SES’s satellite operations and fleet management. NorthStar will deliver unique SSA services to help satellite operators with safer management of their fleets, minimization of collision risks, and development of space sustainability solutions.

Neuraspace raises funding to prevent satellite collisions

Neuraspace, the developer of an advanced AI-powered Space debris monitoring and satellite collision avoidance platform, has raised euro 2.5 million from Armilar Venture Partners. The company will use these funds to accelerate the commercialisation of its platform.

Slingshot wins $25 million Space Force contract to develop digital twin of the space environment

The virtual environment would allow the Space Force, for example, to design spacecraft and plan satellite deployments. Slingshot has been developing the digital space twin for more than two years, “which attracted the government’s attention,” . As it develops the digital twin for the Space Force, Slingshot also will release a commercial Digital Space Twin product.

Science &Technology News

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems developing a space-certified Nanofabricator 0G

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems announces today the collaboration with ESA BIC to further advance the development of ATLANT 3D Nanofab. ATLANT 3D is a Danish startup company that is developing a fundamentally different and innovative micro and nanofabrication platform technology. ATLANT 3D is a developer of high-performance technology enables atomical precise advanced manufacturing of the next generation of advanced materials and electronics

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