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Intelsat and OneWeb to provide multi-orbit inflight connectivity

Intelsat said Aug. 11 it has signed a global distribution deal with OneWeb to provide multi-orbit inflight connectivity solutions for airlines. The post Intelsat and OneWeb to provide multi-orbit inflight connectivity appeared first on SpaceNews.

Falcon 9 rocket deploys SpaceX’s 3,000th Starlink internet satellite

Fifty-two satellites are on the way to join SpaceX’s Starlink internet network after a sky-lighting blastoff from the Kennedy Space Center Tuesday night, a mission that included the 3,000th spacecraft to launch for the Starlink constellation.

Launcher News

Reusable experimental spacecraft put into orbit

China launched a Long March 2F carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China’s Gobi Desert early on Friday morning, sending a reusable experimental spacecraft into orbit, The country’s previous orbital test of a trial vehicle took place in September 2020, with the craft traveling for just under two days in orbit.

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NanoAvionics extends its satellite bus range enabling advanced space missions

Global mission integrator NanoAvionics has added two microsatellite buses, the MP42H and the MP42D, to its product line based on its flagship MP42 bus. Capable to host customer payloads of up to 145Kg.

D-Orbit cancels SPAC merger plan

by Jason Rainbow — August 15, 2022

Space logistics company D-Orbit said Aug. 12 it has canceled plans to go public by merging with Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

Momentus to cut costs as it prepares for next Vigoride mission

In-space transportation company Momentus plans to reduce spending to conserve cash while moving ahead with its next series of tug missions.

U.S. Army a key customer of BlackSky’s next-generation imaging satellite

BlackSky will launch a new imaging satellite in 2023 that will be used exclusively by the U.S. Army for tests and experiments.

DARPA selects companies for inter-satellite laser communications project

Eleven organizations were selected by DARPA to help develop laser terminals and technical standards to connect satellites in space.

Space Safety News

China’s Tianzhou-3 cargo craft re-enters atmosphere under control

China’s Tianzhou-3 cargo craft re-entered the atmosphere in a controlled manner at 11:31 a.m. (Beijing Time) Wednesday, according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA). Most of the spacecraft’s components burned up during the re-entry, and a small amount of its debris fell into the scheduled safe waters of the South Pacific, the CMSA said

NASA, Space Force resolve SLS flight termination system issue

NASA and the U.S. Space Force have resolved an issue with the flight termination system on the Space Launch System that could have cut short the vehicle’s inaugural launch campaign.

FCC considers new rules for emerging space capabilities

An inquiry into updating rules around space debris and emerging on-orbit services seeks to position the U.S. as a leader in an emerging space economy.

NASA cubesat bumped from rideshare launch because of orbital debris mitigation concerns

A NASA cubesat was removed from a recent rideshare launch opportunity on a U.S. Space Force mission because the spacecraft could not meet guidelines for deorbiting at the end of its life.

NovaWurks reveals contracts, expansion plans and Slego

After a series of spaceflight demonstrations followed by years of secrecy, Novawurks is ready to talk contracts, customers and expansion plans. 

Aerospace develops low-cost optical ground network

The Aerospace Corp. is establishing a network of remotely operated optical communications terminals to support existing and future small satellite

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Increased solar activity creates new challenges for smallsats

A new solar activity cycle that may be stronger than forecast poses challenges for smallsat operators keeping their spacecraft in orbit and functioning. The new Cycle 25, peaking around the middle of the decade, appears likely to be more active. “If you look at the beginning of this year, things are very crazy. We’ve had a solar flare almost every week,” she said. The current cycle is trending higher than predictions, increasing the chances for more, and more powerful, solar storms over the next several years. “We’re already way beyond where we predicted at this point.”

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