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Boeing to Develop Next-Gen Satellite System for US Space Force

Boeing has received one of three development contracts to build a satellite payload prototype and develop a new secure, resilient satellite communications architecture for the U.S. Space Force’s Evolved Strategic SATCOM (ESS) program. ESS will be a military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) system. It is a critical component of the U.S. Space Force’s strategy.

Exploration News

A Balloon Mission that Could Try to Confirm Life On Venus

So, Venus might have life! But how do we find out for sure?! We need to GO there. Here’s a recap of the Venusian Life story thus far: On September 14, the discovery of phosphine gas in the Venusian clouds was announced by a team of scientists led by Jane Greaves of Cardiff University. In … Continue reading “A Balloon Mission that Could Try to Confirm Life On Venus” The post A Balloon Mission that Could Try to Confirm Life On Venus appeared first on Universe Today.

Mars Express Finds Even More Ponds of Water Under the Ground on Mars

A reexamination of data obtained by the Mars Express probe has found more evidence of stable bodies of water beneath the southern polar icecap on Mars. The post Mars Express Finds Even More Ponds of Water Under the Ground on Mars appeared first on Universe Today.

China selects 18 new astronauts ahead of space station construction

China’s human spaceflight agency has selected a new group of 18 reserve astronauts to participate in the country’s upcoming space station project.

Launcher News

NewSpace  News

Momentus forges agreements with Skykraft and Mecano ID

In-space transportation startup Momentus announced service agreements Oct. 2 with Australia’s Skykraft and French spacecraft engineering company Mecano ID.

Swarm Technologies reveals plan to connect devices for $5 per device per month

Swarm Technologies announced prices for its satellite communications products Sept. 29, including data services starting at $5 per device per month.

First AI image from space with HyperScout

 For the first time in history an image was processed in space using artificial intelligence. The image was processed by the tailored artificial intelligence hardware of HyperScout 2, a miniaturized .

Space Safety News

SpaceX aborts liftoff of GPS satellite, continuing streak of launch scrubs

For the fourth time this week, a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral was stopped with seconds remaining in the countdown Friday night, when a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket automatically aborted its liftoff with a new GPS navigation satellite during the engine startup sequence.

NASA safety panel raises doubts about Starliner test flight schedule

A NASA safety panel said that while Boeing was making good progress on implementing changes to its CST-100 Starliner commercial crew vehicle, it had doubts that work could be done in time to allow another test flight this year.

NASA still searching for source of ISS air leak

NASA says they are still not sure of the source of a small air leak on the International Space Station after the crew spent a second weekend confined to a single module there.

Science & Technology News

1st Results from Cheops: ESA’s Exoplanet Observer Reveals Extreme Alien World

Launched in December 2019, Cheops (the Characterising Exoplanet Satellite) is designed to observe nearby stars known to host planets. By ultra-precisely measuring changes in the levels of light coming from these systems as the planets orbit their stars, Cheops can initially characterise these planets — and, in turn, increase our understanding of how they form and evolve. The new finding concerns a so-called ‘ultra-hot Jupiter’ named WASP-189 b

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