Satellite News

SatixFy sells satellite payload subsidiary to MDA

Telesat said it chose MDA to build its Lightspeed constellation partly because of its digital beam-forming array antenna technology, enabling the satellites to be smaller and cheaper than those previously under consideration with Thales Alenia Space.

QinetiQ US wins $224 million contract to provide technical services to Space Development Agency

SDA is an agency under the U.S. Space Force. It is building a mesh network in low Earth orbit — called the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture — projected to have hundreds of satellites. The SDA contract was awarded to Avantus Federal, a government contractor that bid for the work before it was acquired by QinetiQ in November 2022.

Launcher News

North Korea’s spy satellite launch fails again

ESA postpones Ariane 6 hot-fire test again

Another successful hot-fire test for Ariane 6 upper stage
On September 1 2023, teams from ArianeGroup, the German Aerospace Center and the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully completed another hot-fire test on the test bench dedicated to the upper Stage.

Exploration News

From the Moon to the Sun: India launches next space mission

The latest mission in India’s ambitious space programme blasted off Saturday on a voyage towards the centre of the solar system, a week after the country’s successful unmanned Moon landing.

NASA gears up for return of OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample

The rehearsal was part of final planning for the return of the actual OSIRIS-REx capsule, which will arrive early Sept. 24. The capsule is carrying an estimated 250 grams of material from the asteroid Bennu that the spacecraft collected during a “touch-and-go” collection process in October 2020. The main OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will perform a “divert” maneuver about 20 minutes after releasing the capsule to avoid reentering itself. It will pass the Earth at a distance of 800 kilometers, putting it on a trajectory for an extended mission to visit the asteroid Apophis shortly after it makes a close flyby of Earth in 2029.

NASA’s LRO observes crater likely from Luna 25 impact

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 04, 2023
NASA’s LRO – the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – spacecraft imaged a new crater on the Moon’s surface that is likely the impact site of Russia’s Luna 25 mission.

Renderings offer images of China’s next-generation spacecraft

Beijing (XNA) Sep 04, 2023
China has published artist’s renderings of the country’s lunar landing module and its next-generation crew spacecraft, both of which will be central to the nation’s grand goal of sending astronauts

NewSpace  News

Intuitive Machines raises $20 million

Lunar lander developer Intuitive Machines announced Aug. 31 it raised $20 million through a sale of stock as the company gears up for its first mission expected to launch its IM-1 lunar lander mission as soon as Nov. 15.

Space imagery startup HEO raises $8 million

Australian startup HEO, which uses space-based sensors to inspect and image objects in orbit, announced Aug. 23 it has completed an $8 million Series A funding round

Space Safety News

European Union nations join ASAT testing ban

TransAstra claims NASA contract for debris capture bag

Science & Technology News

Producing superior graphene aerogel in space

Graphene aerogel is a remarkable lightweight material that is both thermally insulating and electrically conductive.

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