Satellite News

Webb reaches orbital destination a million miles from Earth

The James Webb Space Telescope slipped into orbit around a point in space nearly a million miles from Earth Monday where it can capture light from the first stars and galaxies to form in the aftermath of the Big Bang.

China’s high-resolution multi-mode imaging satellite put into use

It is a civil optical remote-sensing satellite with a resolution up to the sub-meter level. The satellite can provide high-precision remote-sensing image data for industries including surveying and mapping, natural resources, emergency management, agriculture, ecological environment, residential construction and forestry.

China completes health check on BDS satellite constellation

a health check on all 52 in-orbit satellites of China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has been completed

Blue Origin set to acquire Honeybee Robotics

Honeybee Robotics (Honeybee) will be acquired by Blue Origin. With major operations in Longmont, Colorado and Altadena, California, Honeybee will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Origin, headquartered in Kent, Washington.

Exploration News

China Focus: China to explore lunar polar regions, mulling human landing: white paper

China will explore the moon’s polar regions and is mulling over a manned lunar landing in the coming five years, according to a white paper released

NASA’s HERMES mission passes key milestone, moves toward launch

NASA’s HERMES mission – a four-instrument suite to be mounted outside NASA’s Moon-orbiting Gateway – has passed a critical mission review on Jan. 27, 2022. 

Launcher News

NewSpace  News

CACI ramping up production of optical terminals for low Earth orbit satellites

CACI will deliver 40 optical communications terminals for the DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Blackjack satellites in low Earth orbit.

Elbit Awarded a $16M Contract to Supply a Space Telescope to the Weizmann Institute of Science

Space Safety News

Space Force’s troubled space-tracking system is officially shut down

The Space Force announced Jan. 26 it has closed down the last remaining piece of the troubled Joint Mission System (JMS). The post Space Force’s troubled space-tracking system is officially shut down appeared first on SpaceNews.

China’s Shijian-21 towed dead satellite to a high graveyard orbit

China’s Shijian-21 space debris mitigation satellite has docked with a defunct Chinese satellite to drastically alter its geostationary orbit, demonstrating capabilities only previously exh


SpaceX launched the rocket in February 2015 and placed the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite at the Sun-Earth L1 Lagrangian point, which is about 1.5 million kilometres away from the Earth.. In a first, the upper stage that has been navigating deep space since 2015 is expected to be crash-landed on the Moon on 4 March.

Science & Technology News

Space Power to revolutionize satellite power using laser beaming

The University of Surrey and Space Power are tackling the problem of powering satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) during their eclipse period when they cannot see the sun.

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