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Meteosat Third Generation Takes Major Step Towards its First Launch

  After many technical and programmatic challenges, the first satellite of the next generation of the Meteosat family has taken a major step towards its first flight, currently scheduled for launch in autumn 2022. Following on from the success of the first and second generation of Meteosat satellites, the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) will soon take over the reins to ensure the continuity of data for weather forecasting for the next two decades. The new generation of weather

OneWeb secures $1 billion insurance deal for remaining constellation

OneWeb has signed an insurance policy worth more than $1 billion to cover the remaining 10 launches for its broadband constellation, after its previous policy expired following delays caused by its 2020 bankruptcy.

Exploration News

Crew completes spaceship fit check ahead of all-private mission to orbit

The four private citizens who will fly into orbit later this month on a chartered SpaceX capsule visited their spaceship at Cape Canaveral this week for fit checks. On Wednesday, officials released the first pictures of the cupola window attached to the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft, a new addition that will offer the crew expansive views of planet Earth from an altitude of more than 350 miles.

China is developing its own Mars helicopter

China is looking at ways of expanding its space exploration capabilities including through a vehicle similar in appearance to NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter.

Launcher News

COVID-19 Treatments Require so Much Oxygen it Could Delay Rocket Launches

Supply chains have been wreaking havoc across the industrial world.  The complex web that holds the world’s economies together has been fraying at the edges, resulting in some unexpected shortages, such as a lack of rental cars in Alaska and a lack of Lunchables at the author’s local grocery store.  Now there’s a supply shortage … Continue reading “COVID-19 Treatments Require so Much Oxygen it Could Delay Rocket Launches” The post COVID-19 Treatments Require so Much Oxygen it Could Delay Rocket Launches appeared first on Universe Today.

Virgin Orbit eyes growth in military ‘responsive’ launch

Virgin Orbit is looking to grow its military business by proving that rockets launched from airplanes in flight can be instruments of national security.

DLR opens applications for free launch services aboard Isar Aerospace demo missions

German space agency DLR began accepting applications this week for institutional payloads to fly aboard a pair of Isar Aerospace Spectrum launches free of charge.

NewSpace  News

Firefly’s Alpha rocket explodes on inaugural test launch

The first test flight of Firefly Aerospace’s privately-developed Alpha small satellite launcher ended in a fiery explosion soon after liftoff Thursday from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

Astra rocket fails after early engine shutdown

Astra’s small satellite launcher suffered an engine failure just after liftoff from Alaska Saturday, causing the rocket to tilt sideways before recovering and climbing into the upper atmosphere with its four remaining engines. The rocket later veered from its flight corridor, and the range safety officer issued a flight termination command before the mission reached orbit.

Launch + Deployment Mission Agreement Signed By D-Orbit + HyImpulse Technologies

D-Orbit has signed an agreement with HyImpulse Technologies that’s aimed at a joint launch and deployment mission that will leverage HyImpulse’s SL1 launcher and D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier. Artistic rendition of the HyImpulse SL1 launch vehicle. Image is courtesy of the company. SL1 is a three-stage, hybrid rocket designed to transport to LEO satellites of […]

Space Safety News

Joining The Space Data Association Is HawkEye 360

HawkEye 360 is the latest company to join the Space Data Association (SDA), an international non-profit association of satellite operators. Formed in 2009, the SDA works to support the efficient and reliable sharing of crucial data to enhance safety of flight via sharing of operational data and promotion of best practices across the industry.

Space agencies support space traffic management but differ on how it should be developed

Leaders of national space agencies agree that space traffic management (STM) should be a priority but have differing views on who should be responsible for it.

US grounds Virgin Galactic after trajectory issue

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Thursday said it was grounding space flights by Virgin Galactic while it investigates why the company’s July 11 voyage carrying Richard Branson deviated from its planned trajectory

State of Russia’s ISS segment sparks safety concerns

A Russian space official on Tuesday raised concerns about the deteriorating state of Russia’s segment of the International Space Station due to out-of-date hardware, warning it could lead to “irreparable failures”.

Science & Technology News

New augmented reality applications assist astronaut repairs to Space Station

NASA is developing tools to increase astronaut autonomy to operate spacecraft or systems without assistance from the Mission Control Center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston because communication delays from Earth will last longer.

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