Satellite News

China launches demo satellites for internet constellation

China launched two test payloads Tuesday for a planned constellation of internet satellites, a step that could lead to launches of thousands more Chinese spacecraft to match similar commercial networks already being deployed by SpaceX and OneWeb.

Webb Completes Testing and Prepares for Trip to Europe’s Spaceport

The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope has successfully completed its final tests and is being prepared for shipment to its launch site at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Tests were carried out at Northrop Grumman’s facilities in California, USA, to ensure that the complex space science observatory will operate as designed when in space. Shipment operations have now begun, including all the necessary steps to prepare Webb for a safe journey through the Panama Canal to its launch site.

Thales Alenia Space and The EU Agency for Space Programme Sign a First EGNOS Contract

Thales Alenia Space announced today that it has signed its first contract with the EU Agency for Space Programme (EUSPA), to provide new capabilities to Europe’s EGNOS satellite navigation system. With this contract, Thales Alenia Space will start the development for Europe of a new EGNOS version introducing a new generation uplink station (NLES, Navigation Land Earth Station) allowing the introduction of new GEO satellites in the system for improved redundancy. 

Britain charts a new course for satellite navigation

When it comes to satellite navigation, the British government has struggled to find its way over the last five years.

Exploration News

Space agencies support ISS extension as NASA warns of space race with China

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said he remains confident that Russia will remain a part of the International Space Station through the end of the decade but warned of an emerging space race with China.

SLS cubesats arrive for Artemis 1 launch

While most of the cubesats manifested to launch as secondary payloads on the first Space Launch System mission have arrived, at least one of them will miss its flight.

Launcher News

Liquid oxygen shortage squeezes SpaceX launch plans

A widespread shortage of liquid oxygen linked to the latest wave of the Covid  pandemic could affect SpaceX’s launch schedule

Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha rocket ready for first launch

Firefly Aerospace is ready to make its first orbital launch attempt next week as the company balances a transition to operations with plans to develop new rockets and spacecraft.

NewSpace  News

Geospatial intelligence giving supply chain clarity in uncertain times

From hiking the price of cars to impacting the readiness of militaries, the havoc that COVID-19 wreaks across supply chains is far-ranging and sometimes surprising.

Virgin Orbit to expand launch business, move into satellite services

Virgin Orbit will use the proceeds of a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company to expand its launch business and develop a satellite constellation for internet-of-things and Earth observation services.

Skykraft Set To Launch Their First Air Traffic Management Constellation Smallsat

Just 10 months away, this single satellite is larger than all previous Australian-built satellites combined and will propel Australia into the global satellite market, with Skykraft’s global Air Traffic Management constellation. The satellite is designed and built by The satellite is designed and built by Skykraft in Canberra, Australia. Using manufacturers in places such as Albury-WodongaMelbourne and Queanbeyan

Dawn Aerospace Completes Five Test Flights For The Mk-II Aurora Suborbital Spaceplane

The flights were to assess the airframe and avionics of the vehicle and were conducted using surrogate jet engines.

Satellite Production Site Expansion By L3Harris Plus for An Unclassified Satellite Line

The Central Florida location is home to more than 100,000 square feet of space used for development, manufacturing and testing of full satellites and components which already deliver complex, classified capabilities

Space Safety News

Numerica upgrades telescope network to track objects in LEO

Space data provider Numerica is upgrading its network of ground-based telescopes so they can track objects both in low Earth orbit and beyond.

NorthStar SSA and Earth intelligence constellation gets key government approval

Canada’s government has conditionally approved startup NorthStar Earth & Space’s plan to deploy 52 commercial imaging satellites to keep tabs on what’s happening in orbit and down.

Astroscale complete first test of satellite capture technology

Astroscale has completed the first major test of technology to capture and remove objects in orbit by releasing and then recapturing a small satellite.

Phase Four Maxwell to test green propellant

Phase Four plans to fuel its Maxwell engine with a green propellant develop by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory under a contract the Southern California startup won Aug. 18 at the U.S. Space Force’s first SpaceWERX Pitch Day.

Science & Technology News

All future Starlink satellites will have laser crosslinks

SpaceX is adding laser terminals on all future Starlink satellites and is the reason behind a break in launches for the broadband megaconstellation, president and chief operating officer Gwynne Shotwell said.

UZH and Airbus Grow Miniature Human Tissue on the International Space Station ISS

With the next supply flight to the International Space Station (ISS), the Space Hub of the University of Zurich (UZH) and Airbus Defence and Space are bringing an experiment into space, which is intended to further advance the industrial production of human tissue in zero-gravity conditions. With this step, space could become a workshop for producing miniature human tissue for terrestrial use in research and medicine. Initial preparatory tests on the ISS 18 months ago were successful.

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