2021-06-23 BFS “Back From Space” e.NOVA Project

2nd Presentation of ISAE-SupAero MAE1 Research Project.

Luis Garcia-Mozos is an ISAE-SupAero Master Student.

His research project addresses the smallest and most challenging aspects of the BFS (“Back From Space”) project:

 a 3U nano-satellite system designed to recover a 1U payload.

This session will mostly concentrate on Reentry analysis and parameter trends for landing accuracy

The disruptive approach of this project is targeting the  most cost-effective manner:

 to achieve this objective in the most rudimentary, minimal system / minimal sophistication approach.

“The Best System is NO system” and “The Best Design is NO Design”

BFS (“Back From Space”) is an innovative project aiming to return articles, products and payloads from orbit for the NewSpace industry. 

The driving objective is to close the loop within the space transportation domain for space activities in a sustainable and virtuous manner (with intention to lower the environmental impact of activities in space). 

It will offer recovery and reuse capabilities for experiments and diverse elements such as critical elements in  term of compliance to space debris mitigation requirements.

The concept is scalable from a 1U payload up to a 1m3 payload volume. 

BFS is based upon a deployable atmospheric reentry kit incorporating an innovative SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) mechanism adapting to the aero-thermal constraints, protecting the valuable payload while maintaining it at a safe temperature by use of a flexible, aero-thermal textile aeroshell protective material.

Thanks again to our Master1 student Luis for his excellent presentation and promotion of BFS

Welcome to the BFS Team

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