Innovations & Researches


Space Safety / Space Debris Mitigations => GREENSPACE

MMOD : Micro-Meteoroids Orbital Debris

In-Flight Collision Prediction (Mission Analysis)

Impact Risk Assessment (S/C Robustness)

Probability of Non-Penetration / of Failures

ODAR : Orbital Debris Atmospheric Reentry

Debris Reentry Prediction / Long term- Short Term Assessment

Debris Reentry Analysis (Demisability)

Debris Risk vs Population Assessment (Population Models)

D4D & D4B Techniques : Design for Demise / Break-up

Design for Demise (D4D) / Retrodesign – Alternative solutions

Design for Break-up(D4B) / Dismantlement & Break-up Scenarios

Dismantlement Technologies / Structural Release Mechanisms

MMOD S/C : Mitigations Measures for Satellite Orbital Debris

Satellite Passivation & Disposal / End of Life Scenarios

Controlled/ Semi-Controlled Reentry / Realibility Assessment

MMOD L/V : Mitigations Measures for Launcher Orbital Debris

1rst Stage Recovery/Reuse after suborbital Atmospheric Reentry

2nd Stage Recovery/Reuse after suborbital Atmospheric Reentry

3rd Stage Recovery/Reuse in orbit (No Atmospheric Reentry)

GREENSPACE : Environmental Impact of Space Activities

Life Cycle Assessment of Activities

Compliance to Rohs , REACH& GREEN Requirements

ECO-Design / Process alternatives Technologies

Space Innovations / Space Competitiveness =>NEWSPACE

Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) / 4DPrinted Mechanisms (4DP)

Hold & Deployment Release mechanisms (HDRM)

Deployable Elements (Antenna, Reflectors , Reentry Thermal Shield)

Atmospheric Reentry Kits / Sample Return Capsules

Reentry Nanosat “Recover your Stuff from Space !!”

Booster Stage Recovery by Aircraft’s – Airships

Catapult Launch (MicroSat Launcher concept with NO 1rst Stage)

Assembly – Built in Space / Missions with Modular S/C